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You’re Not Cosmopolitan

Music to quietly hum to yourself every time a vendor calls with this “problem.” Update: The artist who took the self portrait for the cover in question, Ana Alvarez-Errecalde contacted me this afternoon requestion the following clarification. After Facebook censored … Continue reading

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Some More Kick Ass Music Covers

One of the services many consultants provide for magazine publishers is a cover analysis. Over the years, I’ve developed a template that can dive deeply into the single copy sales of a title. Consequently I feel pretty qualified to weigh … Continue reading

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Things Placed In Front Of The Magazine Rack: The Clerk Edition

So how does this deal sound? You’ll get a generous discount. We’ll give you Scan Based Trading so you don’t have any inventory to concern your accountants. We’ll pay you a Retail Display Allowance. Heck, we’ll make it “Advanced RDA”. … Continue reading

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Is A Transformation Coming, Or Is Our Bow Underwater?

Those of us who worked on the front lines of newsstand distribution in the mid 1990′s made a few assumptions when rapid consolidation hit the business. One was that the ID wholesalers who remained in the business were there because they … Continue reading

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