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Some Places Remembered

In the very first post of this blog I pointed out that one of the reasons I started it was to write about some of the great “characters” I met. During the years when I traveled frequently I met many people … Continue reading

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Things Placed In Front Of The Magazine Rack: Requiem For A Chain

When I arrived in Chicago in the early 1980′s, national chains A&P and Kroger had tried unsuccessfully to penetrate the supermarket arena and been rebuffed by local favorites Dominick’s and Jewel. It wasn’t until the 1990′s when retailers began to … Continue reading

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Justine Saco: Twitter Reactionaries and Corporate Responsibility

Editor’s Note: This is a blog about magazines and the future of the magazine circulation industry. However, I do from time to time stray into other waters that seem relevant to the industry. Often they may be my own personal experiences and observations … Continue reading

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Remember The People’s Library

The news coverage about the Occupy Wall Street movement made it easy to have arguments about the rightness or wrongness of the occupiers cause. But in the middle of all of the convoluted arguments about the crimes of financial insiders, … Continue reading

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