Industry Services

National Magazine Distributors – “The Big Four”


Curtis Circulation:

Kable Distribution:

Time, Inc.:

Other National Distributors – Inclined towards small and regional magazines

Warner International Periodicals:

Canadian Distributors (Who also do business in the US)


Coast to Coast:

International Distributors

Gordon & Gotch: ggweb

Smiths News, PLC: smithsnewsgroup


Specialty Retail Periodical and Bookstore Distributors

Ingram Periodicals:

-Barnes & Noble, Hastings (exclusive), small bookseller chains,  many specialty retailers including Joseph-Beth, Gander Mountain, REI and Stewarts.

Source Interlink:

-Barnes & Noble, small bookseller chains, Costco, many specialty retailers serviced through their “Retail Visions” division.

Media Solutions:

-Books A Million (exclusive), Sam’s Club, many specialty retailers

OneSource Magazine Distribution:

-Whole Foods, many specialty food retailers

National Periodical/Magazine Wholesalers – “The Big Three”

Hudson Group:

The News Group:

Source Interlink:

Regional Periodical and Book Wholesalers You Should Know

Los Angeles and the West Coast: Newsways, Inc.

Colorado and the Mountain States: Kent News, Inc.

South East: DK News, Inc.

Illinois and Indiana: M&M News Agency, Inc.

Minnesota, Iowa & Upper Midwest: Valley News Company

Pennsylvania & Mid Atlantic: Harrisburg News Company

Central & Western Pennsylvania: Newborn, Inc.

Western Pennsylvania and Northern Ohio: La Belle News Agency

Central and Northern Ohio: Mahoning Valley Distributors

Wisconsin, Northern Illinois: Southern Wisconsin News Agency

Magazine Industry Associations

The Association of Magazine Media (MPA)

City and Regional Magazine Association (CRMA)

International Regional Magazine Association (IRMA)

Periodical & Book Association of America (PBAA)

International Periodicals Distributors Association (IPDA)

Book Industry Study Group (BISG)

4 Responses to Industry Services

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  2. Irwin says:

    Competitive Consulting gurus?

  3. More like there’s room for everyone. But if I were to list other consultants, MCC would certainly be at the top of the list.

  4. Irwin says:

    Joe- when you worked for
    Ralph and me you were very efficient.

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