The Best Of The Best Of

In an earlier post, I talked a little about regional magazines, their covers and food (Food On The Cover) . My obsession with regional titles continues in part because so often they feature a part of the country I’d like to experience close up for more than the time it takes to complete a business meeting or a quick weekend holiday. If you follow regional publishers closely, you do sometimes wonder if they had all attended the same CRMA or IRMA workshops. But because each editor and art director is different, and each region is different, you’re always going to find that \”One of These Things is Not Like The Other\”

Not every city and regional magazine does a “Best of” issue. They will often skip a year, only do “Best Restaurants” or “Top Docs” or even “Best Lawyers”. Pittsburgh Magazine, and a few other publishers do a “Forty under Forty” which even though I’m no longer under forty, is a pretty neat idea.

While checking the racks and feeds, I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite “Best of” the “Best of” covers in recent months:

San Diego Magazine - August 2010
Orlando Magazine August 2010
Pittsburgh Magazine September 2009
Austin Magazine May 2010
New Jersey Monthly March 2010. Yes, there are some great places to live in the Garden State
D Magazine's August 2010. I absolutely love this image.

The old saying, you can’t judge a book by its cover is eternally true. But it does help, doesn’t it. The same holds true of magazines.

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