About Those Kindle vs. iPad at the Pool Ads

The answer, actually, about which one I would want would be neither. At least while I’m at the pool.

The opening paragraphs from this article in MacNewsWorld got me thinking about the Kindle ad that a lot of people I work with have been talking about.

If you’re at a public pool, or even a swanky 5 star resort, would you put down your $139.00 Kindle or your $499.00 iPad and go take a dip?

Where to hide my Kindle?

If you’re at a great beach in Florida, or California, or Texas, or the South of France or even here on Lake Michigan, and you decide to go take a dip. Are you going to…..?

The crab stole my iPad.

You can hide your smart phone in your shoe. If it gets stolen or blows up because a sand fly laid some eggs in it, you can get a replacement pretty easily if you’re insured.

What’s insurance on an iPad or Kindle?

I use my web enabled aspects of my smart phone way more when I’m outside than when I’m inside. In the car, at retail checks, on walks. It would be nice if it had a screen I could see in direct sunlight. It doesn’t. So reading on it outside pretty much is a non-starter. In fact, at times, the web enabled stuff is more of a pain than it’s worth.

Just so I don’t get spanked by Bob Sacks or any of his devout followers, this isn’t a print vs. digital stream of consciousness. This is just something that occurred to me. We still have a ways to go with this stuff and, yes, I am on board. All the way into the glorious future!

So at my next beach vacation (Dear Lord…Please!)  I’ll be  way more willing to sacrifice a paperback or even a much cherished hard back to the vagaries of vacation wet spots or theives than a piece of electronics. Heck there’s a reason I don’t bring library books to the beach either.

Regarding Chris Maxer’s article in MacNewsWorld, I suggest you read it all the way through. He makes some excellent points about where Apple should go with regards to subscription models.


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