Class and Then Not So Much…Class

I spent much of yesterday morning investigating the apparent failure of a certain chain to comply with a promotion I set up for one of my clients. While checking out the racks, I stumbled across another really great import, “Man About Town”. And right behind it, “College Gentleman”.

It struck me like this: “College Gentleman” is to “Man About Town” as Hooters is to a white tablecloth restaurant. I just loved the juxtaposition.

Which one goes on your coffee table?

2 Replies to “Class and Then Not So Much…Class”

  1. Interesting, your comment about checking up on promos. I recently heard from one Barnes & Noble store manager that she used to notice (and she does notice ’em) the mag distribution folks checking on such things in her store every few months or so, but now it’s every single week.

    1. For our end of the marketing universe, the promos are pretty expensive we usually purchase them to both increase sales, and to increase visibility. So with budgets so tight, a lot of marketers are really trying to make sure there’s decent compliance. I run my own promo program and while it’s tiresome to get people telling me they don’t see their magazine at store # 123 (and it’s usually there, they just seem to look past it), I understand why I’m getting the call.

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