The View From The Dunes

There is an excellent wi-fi connection here in the cottage on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan. But most of the limited time I have spent using it has been to look on the web cams for my dog at play at her doggy day care and boarding center. I know, pathetic, right?

And down on East Buffalo Street there’s what I think looks like an awesome little locally owned book store. I’ll check it out. Maybe after another trip to the ice cream shop and a stroll down the other side of the main drag down towards the water. And while I’m really curious about the mainline rack size and what sort of check out space is in the locally owned supermarket in town, I really don’t want to make a trip over there. Not right now.

There are numerous articles out in the ether and printed on paper that of all the industrialized Western countries, Americans take the least amount of vacation time. Sadly, that’s not shocking. It is not even surprising. We work too hard and …. look, you know the rest.

Yesterday, we piled into the cars and went to my favorite place: Warren Dunes State Park. We climbed the big dunes, we sat in the sun and the breeze, the kids, who really aren’t kids anymore surfed down the dunes. This is the view from the top:

Maybe it’s more sensible to spend some time perched up here and not worrying about bookstores, mainlines, check out configurations, digital sensibilities and app based futures.

The dog will be fine.

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