Twitter hashtags are a great way to figure out what’s hot, trending, and if you’re in a small tributary of the magazine publishing business, connect with people with like minded interests.

About a week or more ago, someone in the book industry started a hashtag #bookswithalettermissing. I picked it up late and after hours (which is a good thing because otherwise I could have been diverted for days), but had enormous fun looking through the great ideas and got to make up some of my own and contribute them to the fun. It’s still going on if you want to check it out.

This past week, #magazineswithalettermissing showed up in the feed and what the heck, let’s abandon all pretense, shall we? How can you resist? What’s great about this hashtag is the simple fact that 28 of your 140 characters are used up with the hashtag. Further evidence that while small, the mag biz is chock full of very clever, funny, creative people.

Rather than copy everything down and miss making the appropriate attributions, below are four screen caps of some the tweets. Go ahead, add some of your own:

The weather’s been wonderful for August, the world hasn’t imploded since the latest ABC numbers release and there’s tomatos in the garden waiting to be picked. Happy Friday everyone. Keep flying.


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