Dear Time Magazine: Really?

I came across this interesting digression in cover treatment while searching for candidates for my annual annual unscientific  “10 Best Covers” of the year post.

Let’s leave aside the politics of the cover selection. A series of politically oriented blogs have already addressed that. Frankly, in this instance I am inclined to read them, and agree with them.

Really? (Source:

I get what the anxiety story is trying to say. It looks like an interesting article and it’s an important topic in today’s environment. But the real story around the world today is “revolution”. The “revolution” was caused by anxiety over the future and the way that governments (in the case of this article, the Egyptian government) and organizations that have power over you (like corporations) behave in the today’s world. So let’s be real: Treat the American public like adults, and trust them to respond appropriately to the cover.

This smacks of self censorship. I think we could have handled the cover.

2 Replies to “Dear Time Magazine: Really?”

  1. It’s just like the evening national news….some story is hot for a few weeks or maybe a month then we never hear about it again. How’s that revolution going in Tunisia? Oh heck, we don’t wanna know. Americans have the attention span of a gnat. I just checked out Time’s website. Top story: the NBA season is saved!

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