Things Placed in Front of The Magazine Rack: Part 3 of….(The Down Under Edition)

One of my favorite apps on Twitter is Tweeps Map, a handy little add-on that will show you where on the globe your followers come from. You can imagine my pleasure and surprise to discover that almost 30% of my followers come from outside the US, with more than 8% of  them based in the UK and Ireland. Another 3% are from Australia.

For many years I’ve been a fan of foreign magazines. I particularly love the ones I see from Australia. The Australian Twitter followers most likely came from the interactions I have had promoting my client, Juxtapoz Magazine – a title that sells rather well on that continent.

As you’ve probably guessed, the previous two posts, “Things Placed in Front of The Magazine Rack” were highly tongue in cheek. Yes, I want retailers to stop cluttering their mainline and checkout displays.

Want a basketball hoop with your Rachel Ray?

However, I thought that my reach would only go only so far.

So my admiration and appreciation goes to our Aussie allies and in particular to Steve Sharman, the proprietor of Carrara Village News on Australia’s Gold Coast for his quick response and continued dedication to moving merchandise.

I received this message from him via Twitter Monday afternoon:

If you’re on Twitter and you want to know how an independent news agent in Australia gets things done, you can follow Cararra Village News @StevieSharman.

He’s also on Facebook. I urge you to “Like” his page: Carrara Village News and check out the eclectic and interesting magazines he features.

Now, any American based retailers who want to step up and follow this retailers lead?

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