Things Placed in Front of The Magazine Rack: Part 5 of…

Over the years, check out space has gone from being the exclusive domain of the larger mainstream magazine publishers to space shared with soft drinks, candy and DVDs. As this blog has pointed out, we sometimes even share space with basketball hoops.

There’s nothing new about USCAN self serve checkouts. Nor is there anything new about smaller scale magazine checkouts in the USCAN aisle. Sadly, there’s nothing new either about dump bins chock full of DVDs getting placed in front of a magazine rack in the USCAN aisle.

As a “Foredeck” contributor reports:

“Couldn’t resist not sending you this….as our industry works hard to make up for loss checkout space by the invention of the USCAN/SELF SCAN checkouts and us able to get magazine displays built to conform to these checkout models (each one being different)….we STILL CONTINUE to battle the almost 6’ tall floor displays of DVD movie releases!!”

Two DVD displays (mostly full) and an empty magazine pocket. Now this is a recipe for big sales volume...

And if we walk around to the other side of the display…

Even more merchandise is getting moved over here.

One Reply to “Things Placed in Front of The Magazine Rack: Part 5 of…”

  1. Dumb move by Universal. Those are NOT movies people are going to pick up at the checkout. And I’m sure they’re way overpriced. But, the grocery store got the co-op money…I hope! And no one is going to grab that magazine that’s at toe-level. Those things are lower than Borders or B&N’s cashwrap racks!

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