Titanic, The Magazine

Editor’s Note: Please scroll down to see a copy of the May/June cover of Archaeology Magazine. This issue features a first hand account from archaeologist James Delgado who has dived down to the wreck and discusses the changes in the wreck over the past decade. Archaeology went on sale last week and can be found at many Barnes  & Noble Stores.

Readers who are new to this blog may remember that I started writing about the newsstand business as a tongue in cheek response to what felt like an endless stream of “you’re all doomed” articles and blog postings about our shallow little inlet of the great magazine sea.

It never actually occurred to me until recently that I would have the opportunity to blog on the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the RMS Titanic. It would be a lie if I didn’t say it all felt a little strange.

So are there actual magazines out there covering the anniversary of the disaster? But of course there are. In our world, we cover everything. There is a niche for every niche.

This year, Smithsonian Magazine got there first with their coverage of the sinking of the Titanic in their March issue.

Where are the 3D glasses when you need them?

As a rule, I’m a big fan of illustrated covers and I love that this issue covered the story in a different way.

National Geographic has been on top of the Titanic story for some time and the April issue featured another illustrated cover with a startling portrait of the final moments aboard ship as she broke in two. The free poster promised inside the magazine is as dark, disturbing and ultimately engrossing as the cover.

So where in your bedroom would you hang the poster?

Not surprisingly, the good folks over in the Time/Warner building have pulled the dust covers off of Life Magazine, rolled her up from the basement storage locker and cranked out a $12.99 special. It’s worth every penny. If you’re into 100 year old nautical disasters. I am.

Worth it? Why yes!

But the default winner in the 100th anniversary disaster magazine niche category has to go to our “English Cousins” at Future who shoehorned the sinking of the Titanic into their quarterly special, Your Family Tree. As soon as I can dig out a copy, I’ll report back on just what, exactly, this is all about. But sight unseen (except for a cover image) this one wins and everyone gets into the lifeboat.

Your Family Tree - on the Titanic...

Lastly, I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that the German’s have a leg up on all of us with regards to the ill fated ship. They have a monthly satire magazine by the name of Titanic. That logo is just awesome.

Tell me you don't lover their logo.

If you come across any interesting Titanic displays out on the newsstands, don’t forget to send them my way to newsstandpromos at gmail.com.

The May/June 2012 photographic cover of Archaeology Magazine. Submitted by the publisher.

And remember, the “Things Placed in Front of The Magazine Rack” feature continues. Please send in your photos.

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