Meanwhile In the World Of Dynamic Business Speak

I’m out of pocket today while working at the local public library. I need to get away from clatter of the office and do a strategic deep dive into some big data while I suss out our plan of attack going forward into the New Year.

The goal is to come up with a mixed digital-print forward thinking strategy to monetize freeimums for the customer. The plan must be dynamic. We need to use all of the synergies the clients’ resource pool has to offer to make this push a big win and a home run and take us to the next level.

How will we achieve this? Well, let’s set a time for a conference call (which may actually be me calling you) so I can pick your brain. Then, maybe I’ll get back to you. Or you can get back to me. After a few unanswered emails. We’re all busy right now doing our due dilligence on this grand strategy.

Let’s all sit down and suss this out, all right?

The big question continues to be, at the end of the day, how do we maintain customer engagement?

And considering the low moral in the office these days, maybe we need to up the level of employee engagement so they can continue to delight our customer base.

You savvy?

The Newsstand World: 90 Days After Source Interlink – In Chart Form

With apologies to Ann Friedman for not being that original…

It’s the first week of a new month and it’s also, mercifully, Friday. Most of us are still here in some semblance and we’re far enough down the road now to get a peek at what may be coming next. So with my calendar about to announce my final call of the day, here’s what some of us newsstand denizens might be thinking….


90 Days Post Source



So what are your plans for the weekend?