102 Days Into The New Year (The Official Pie Chart)

We entered 2016 one hundred and two days ago short one national distributor. For those members of the industry who followed the swirl of events that lead to the downing of that storied company’s demise, a lengthy list of questions remain:

  • Have the remaining players in the industry gone into hunker down and protect what’s left mode?
  • Will we see further shake outs in the shrinking pool of national distributors and wholesalers (It certainly seems like there are some employees in this business who would gleefully welcome such a prospect. Or least the opportunity to gossip about it.).
  • Are we finally in a space that resembles the future of the newsstand business or are there more developments to come our way that involve a restructuring of how we do business?
  • Will they be positive?
  • Will we innovate how we sell magazines to the public?
  • Will we see some common sense applied to how we price single copies and sub copies (Most likely not, but I have to ask.)?

Aside from being somewhat aghast at the industry participants who seem excited by another untimely exit of an industry partner, my answer is mostly “I don’t really know.”

I asked a few people who worked with Kable where they were 100+ days after the company was ejected from the newsstand and here’s where they were:

99 Days After Kable
So where are you in all this?


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