IRL I work as an independent publishing, marketing and newsstand sales consultant. I specialize in medium and smaller sized publications and have worked on both national and regional magazines. To me the potential for melding single copy sales in the print world with digital single copy and subscription sales is something worth striving for.

Beyond life in my oddly shaped office, I am a husband, father, dog walker, cat sitter, failed but energetic gardener, cyclist, avid 5K runner, recent participant in triathlons and dabbler in local politics, .

Will we citizens of the publishing business avoid the iceberg and come safely into harbor? Who knows? But the voyage is interesting.

You can follow my Twitter feed at newsstandpromos

Because it’s there, it’s interesting and it’s fun, you can find my Tumblr feed here

My collection of retail display triumphs and tragedies is available for your viewing pleasure on Flickr at newsstandpromos


You can always reach me at joe.berger at newsstandpros.com

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