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Some More Kick Ass Music Covers

One of the services many consultants provide for magazine publishers is a cover analysis. Over the years, I’ve developed a template that can dive deeply into the single copy sales of a title. Consequently I feel pretty qualified to weigh … Continue reading

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Things Placed In Front Of The Magazine Rack: The Clerk Edition

So how does this deal sound? You’ll get a generous discount. We’ll give you Scan Based Trading so you don’t have any inventory to concern your accountants. We’ll pay you a Retail Display Allowance. Heck, we’ll make it “Advanced RDA”. … Continue reading

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A Fellow ‘Rep’ Chimes In…

A buddy and I were marveling at the changes here in the Chicago marketplace over the past year or two. Like me, my friend spent many years working in the Midwest and recalls calling on many of the former wholesalers discussed in … Continue reading

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Edit Thyself! Some Advice for Kelly Blazek from a Former First Grade Teacher

The very first research paper I ever wrote was in seventh grade for Mr. Mackler’s Social Studies class.  We were studying colonial America and I chose to write about the lost colony of Roanoke Island. I sweated for a long … Continue reading

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