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You’re Not Cosmopolitan

Music to quietly hum to yourself every time a vendor calls with this “problem.” Update: The artist who took the self portrait for the cover in question, Ana Alvarez-Errecalde contacted me this afternoon requestion the following clarification. After Facebook censored … Continue reading

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A Fellow ‘Rep’ Chimes In…

A buddy and I were marveling at the changes here in the Chicago marketplace over the past year or two. Like me, my friend spent many years working in the Midwest and recalls calling on many of the former wholesalers discussed in … Continue reading

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Is A Transformation Coming, Or Is Our Bow Underwater?

Those of us who worked on the front lines of newsstand distribution in the mid 1990′s made a few assumptions when rapid consolidation hit the business. One was that the ID wholesalers who remained in the business were there because they … Continue reading

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Justine Saco: Twitter Reactionaries and Corporate Responsibility

Editor’s Note: This is a blog about magazines and the future of the magazine circulation industry. However, I do from time to time stray into other waters that seem relevant to the industry. Often they may be my own personal experiences and observations … Continue reading

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