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If you want to understand a little more about the ins and outs of single copy consultants, click here.

Does the world of newsstand distribution seem nuts? Click here to  learn all about the newsstand in a nutshell. I promise your head won’t spin (much) when you’re done.

So, how come I can never find my magazine? Click on the link to find out. And learn what to do about it.

Newsstand cover design is a mixture of art, science, voodoo, algebra and strong opinions. Click on this link for my suggested best practices for newsstand covers.

In 2011 I attended my first annual IRMA conference with my consulting colleague, Joe Luca where we presented a talk on the “Modern Newsstand Marketplace” and how regional magazine publishers could thrive in today’s market.

Click  here to download a copy of our presentation. The Modern Newsstand Marketplace

It possible to be realistic, without being grim.
Is it really as bad as it is advertised? We think not.

What are the “Ten Best Covers of 2011” (From a newsstand circulator’s perspective)? Click here for a pdf: 2011 Best Covers

Is there a correlation between paid circulation and social media? Check out this handy sheet that could give you some insight:  Tweet Followers vs Circ011313

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