Borders: All That’s Left is a Facebook Page

This popped up in Facebook this morning.

All that’s left of the chain is this soon to be inactive Facebook page. Maybe you’ve got a Borders Rewards card floating around your wallet. Fish it out, toss it.

There’s more than enough articles, opinions and more about the demise of this chain, the future of the printed word, the future of the digital word and more floating around the web. Nothing else really needs to be added.

But I would like to say this:

At one time, more than 16,000 people worked for this company. For many of them, it was their career. Their passion. It meant something. Thousands more counted the company as one of their key accounts and a significant piece of their business.

If you’re in a position of authority in a corporation and the future of your organization and it’s personnel weighs heavily on your mind: Good. People rely on you. Think hard when you make a decision. Don’t make the mistake that management at this company made. You’re not the smartest person in the room. By a longshot.  Sometimes it makes more sense to sell more of your stuff than it does to increase shareholder value.

I’m just saying…

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