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Things Placed In Front Of The Magazine Rack: The Clerk Edition

So how does this deal sound? You’ll get a generous discount. We’ll give you Scan Based Trading so you don’t have any inventory to concern your accountants. We’ll pay you a Retail Display Allowance. Heck, we’ll make it “Advanced RDA”. … Continue reading

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A Bounty of Book A Zines

We’ve seen numerous reports of the remarkable growth of the Book A Zine category since the beginning of this no longer new decade. Most of the reports marvel at the tremendous elasticity of the category, the unit sales growth and the wide variety of titles that publishers are … Continue reading

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Why Esquire Magazine Gets It

The February issue of Esquire Magazine does not look very different from past editions of the title. It’s glossy, full of editorial that’s designed to help their audience of young urban men be hip and trendy. It’s chock full of … Continue reading

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Ben Bova Was Almost Right

In an earlier post, I mentioned that my days of nearly endless business travel afforded me the opportunity to read a lot of books. As a child who grew up in the magazine and book distribution business, I was used … Continue reading

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